A Day In the Life, Based on The Playlists You Listen To

When you wake up, do you need a solid hour of coffee and chill? Or are you at the gym listening to pump-up music well before sunrise? Either way, Spotify has a playlist to match your mood—not only in the morning, but at every moment of your day.

Not surprisingly, the music people listen to often tells a story. What we didn’t know until we explored aggregate listening habits, though, is how that story plays out differently around the world. Specifically, we uncovered the general sentiments countries experience throughout the day based on the most popular mood playlists per hour.

For example, listeners in the UK go for their gym sessions in the morning before 10 AM, while in Sweden, users listen to workout playlists like Beast Mode and Träning in the afternoons between 4 and 8 PM.

Canadians seem to skip the gym first thing, and instead start their day with cozy playlists like Your Favorite Coffeehouse, then head into Happy Hits! Similarly, South Africans start off with a chill morning of Peaceful Piano, then move into a lit afternoon of RapCaviar around 2pm.

It’s Dutch listeners who stay happy the longest and latest compared to their global counterparts, with playlists like ¡La Vida Loca! streaming from 5 to 10 PM. They’re also the biggest night owls—they don’t start winding down with meditation, lullabies, and Deep Sleep playlists until around 11pm.

For a quick look into a full “day in the life” in the US, check out the infographic below.

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On Spotify, there’s a playlist for every mood. Why not start out in a good one?