Spotify Japan Launches New Original Podcast With Influencer kemio

If you’re looking for the latest on fashion and social media trends, look no further than Japanese internet star kemio. Known for his big personality and high-energy videos, kemio has amassed millions of followers since stepping into the online limelight. And now, he’s ready to tackle a new project: his very own podcast.

His new Spotify Original podcast, kemio no mimisouji club, gives fans a chance to hear kemio in a whole new light as he interacts with some of Japan’s most popular guests, discussing everything under the sun, from life philosophies and careers to trends in social media.  

We chatted with the Manhattan-based Tokyo native to learn about his new show.

You’ve already seen a lot of success on social video platforms. How did you get your start and what have you learned since then?

I started making short videos for social media when I was in high school, which is where this really all started. I was working my first part-time job and just making them for fun. I didn’t really expect for them to go viral, but their popularity allowed me to transition my career into video and other social media platforms, and opened many other doors for me. Since then, I’ve learned to not care what people think. I’ve had a lot of people throughout my career say I can’t do this or that. If I had listened to those people, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s important to always stay true to yourself and your dream because at the end of the day, no one but you will make it happen.

Podcasts are a very different medium, with no visual aspect. How is your podcast going to be different from your videos?

The podcast is going to be more informative than my videos. I’ll have weekly guest appearances, which is a very different format. Also, my videos are more fun and mostly about me, but the podcast will be about learning and educating people—including myself. It’s a place for listeners to learn from my guests about different industries.

Can you share who any of the guests are for the show?

In my first episode, I talk to HIKAKIN-san*, who is a very well-known video influencer in Japan. I wanted to have him as my first guest because I really admire him and think he helped pave the way for video influencers in Japan today.

But I want to note that not all of my guests will be from this industry. I want to use this platform to open up conversations about other important topics as well.

How is the podcasting medium different from video? Anything that surprised you?

Podcasting is very different from making videos. When I make a video, I pretty much do everything myself. However, with a podcast there are many other people behind the scenes that make it come together properly. I love this because I like working and hearing from other people on the team. It’s a great learning experience for me and I’m very grateful.

How do you think your fans will react to the new show?

I want to show my fans the other side of me that they may not know through my videos. And this podcast gives me a chance to connect to new audiences on a new platform. I think existing fans will enjoy the show—it’s just an extension of my career, which they already love and support.

Podcasts are starting to become more popular in Asia. How do you think that will change in the coming months and years?

I think they will definitely become more popular— especially in Japan. My hope is that they will become more mainstream, much like they are here in the United States.

What role Spotify played in your podcast journey?

Podcasts are widely popular in the United States, where I live. To me, the appeal of podcasts is being able to listen to what you are interested in anytime, even while doing something else. With Spotify, you can enjoy a comprehensive audio experience by going back and forth between music and podcasts. 

Spotify has truly helped bring this idea to life. I didn’t have the tools or knowledge of running my own podcast before this started. They have really helped make the show possible.

Stream the first episode of kemio no mimisouji club below.

* HIKAKIN is known as one of Japan’s most successful internet video stars.