3 Ways To Feel Close to Your Favorite Artists While Social Distancing

Live shows and touring are paused for the time being, but your favorite creators are likely still doing what they do best: being creative. Even without in-person concerts or fan events, artists are finding plenty of ways to engage fans remotely and digitally. That means there’s also many opportunities for listeners to connect with artists and support them (beyond streaming their music for your private dance party).  

Check out three tips on ways to support, share, and stay connected from our Spotify for Artists blog.

Tip 1: Share Their Songs to Your Socials

What better way to support an artist than by recruiting fans? After all, sharing is caring. With just the tap of a button, you can copy a link to send the song you’re streaming via SMS, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, or email. Or, you can go further by sharing the track on your Facebook and Instagram stories, as well as on Snapchat. These integrations allow your friends and followers to preview a 15-second clip of the track in the app and gives them the option to click through to play it from their own Spotify apps.  Learn more about how to share songs here.

Tip 2: Share Their Canvas to Your Instagram Story

Since launching our Canvas beta, which turns formerly static song pages into mesmerizing video-art showcases, artists all over Spotify have been giving their work new depth with the help of eight-second visual loops. For example, Poppy used her Canvas to heighten the otherworldliness of tracks on her new album, I Disagree, while Billie Eilish added fan art to her songs as a salute to listeners around the world. Canvas sharing is currently available to all Spotify users—listeners and artists alike—so when anyone shares a track from the app to their Instagram Story, the Canvas will show up for all to see. Take a look at the steps to share a Canvas to your Instagram here, and spread your favorite artist’s creative genius even further.

Tip 3: Check Out Their Virtual Events 

During this time, many artists have turned to livestreamed concerts, which they perform from the comfort of their living rooms or backyards. Some have even used these events as a way to make money or raise funds for a charitable cause. These virtual concerts give fans around the world a chance to tune in to an artist’s social channels to hear their favorite songs performed live.

But virtual concerts aren’t the only way to support or engage with musicians. Many are using the power of technology not only to perform, but also to host Q&A sessions, listening parties, talk shows—and in some cases, even offer guitar lessons. Check out what some artists have been doing to stay connected to their fans—and don’t forget to follow your favorites on Spotify for email updates and phone notifications for their upcoming digital events. 

Hear from Katy Perry, as well as other creators, on how they are staying connected to fans during the COVID-19 pandemic in Spotify: For the Record’s latest podcast episode.