Join Ashley Graham and Spotify for a 3-Part Instagram Live Podcast Talk

Can’t stop raving about that awesome podcast you just listened to? Craving a discussion with others as well? Look no further. Starting August 26, Spotify is teaming up with supermodel, entrepreneur, and host of the Pretty Big Deal podcast, Ashley Graham, for an Instagram Live podcast talk that will provide just that. Avid podcast fans as well as newcomers alike can now tune into a three-part podcast talk series called Listen Up with Ashley Graham to share their thoughts and discuss important themes in today’s top podcasts.

Over the course of three weeks, Ashley will host three sessions of her podcast talk via her Instagram Live. She’ll break down topics from her favorite podcasts across a variety of genres, including new shows on Spotify like The Michelle Obama Podcast. Fans can come prepared for a live Q&A, where they can ask Ashley questions and even share their own opinions on the podcasts they’ve streamed.

Ready to join in? Here’s how it works:

  1. Head to Ashley’s Spotify profile to stream the shows on her weekly podcast playlist and learn about the themes of each week.
  2. On the day and time of the discussion (there’s one each Wednesday at 12 PM ET for three weeks), head to @ashleygraham on Instagram.
  3. Ashley will host a 30-minute discussion to talk through the shows and take your questions and comments—live!

 Excited? So is Ashley. 

“During this time, I’ve been listening to a lot of incredible podcasts while at home in Nebraska, especially when Isaac is napping or during our stroller walks outside,” says Ashley. “Podcasts have the power to introduce us to new perspectives, expand our thinking, open up important discussions—or just give us a much-needed laugh. That’s why I’m so excited to be working with Spotify on ‘Listen Up with Ashley Graham.’ I’ll be hosting live conversations on topics and themes that are of interest to me, and connecting with other podcast lovers everywhere.”

Check For the Record each week to find the link to Ashley’s playlists, as well as the discussion topics so you’ll be prepared for the live Q&A with Ashley on the following three Wednesdays: August 26, September 2, and September 9. 

Whether you’re already listening to podcasts on your own or have yet to step into the medium, Ashley’s three-part podcast talk is a great way to dig even deeper into podcasts and all they offer. 

Follow @ashleygraham on Instagram for updates as to when the supermodel and entrepreneur is Live, and then get streaming! (And don’t forget to check back here on For The Record each week for the discussion topics and podcast playlist.)  

Stream Ashley’s podcast playlist in advance of the first discussion on August 26 below.

Listen Up with Ashley Graham Discussion Guides

Last updated: September 8

Session 1: Motherhood

Date: August 26 at 12 PM ET

Stream all episodes here

Session 2: Talking Podcast About Women in Business

IG Live Date: September 2 at 8 PM ET

Stream all episodes here

Session 3: Mindfulness

IG Live Date: September 9 at 12 PM ET

Stream all episodes here