Two New German Spotify Original Podcasts Are Taking On Marriage—One Before and One After Saying ‘I Do’

From rom-com meet-cutes to tailored playlist exchanges, there’s a lot to love about love. Two new German Spotify Original podcasts are ready to bring their take on relationships, but from two different vantage points: One podcast follows a couple’s journey before saying “I do,” while the other takes a look at newlywed life.

First up, the before. While a wedding is often one of the most memorable days in a couple’s life, planning the event is often more stressful than blissful. So Laura Larsson, cohost of the popular show Herrengedeck, decided to document her lead-up to the altar in her new podcast Erstmal für immer. In the 10-episode series, she gives the audience an open and honest look at preparations for her wedding to her fiancé, Nils. “My favorite part of creating the show was talking to Nils,” explains Laura. “In our recordings together, I felt like I got to know a lot of new things about both him and us.” From the proposal to the walk down the aisle, listeners will follow the bride-to-be through the highs and lows of her entire planning process. Laura isn’t sparing any details. As she explains it, you can expect the journey to be “chaotic and emotional, but also quite beautiful.”

And when it comes to life after the vows? German comedians Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer chronicle what happens next on their podcast Nur verheiratet mit Hazel & Thomas. After keeping their marriage a secret from the public for months, Hazel and Thomas give listeners a glimpse into their relationship, one date at a time. Over 17 episodes, the series lets listeners eavesdrop on the couple as they handle their marriage “firsts,” and learn what it’s like to date each other again.  

Whether you’re recently engaged or a few anniversaries in, get a dose of relationship chatter with the Erstmal für immer and Nur verheiratet mit Hazel & Thomas podcasts, available now exclusively on Spotify.