Storytel Audiobooks Will Be Available on Spotify Later This Year

Just a few weeks ago, we announced the Spotify Open Access Platform, which gives creators with existing subscriber bases the option to deliver paid content to their paid audiences using Spotify. Now, we’re excited to follow with a partnership with Storytel, one of the world’s leading audiobook streaming services. Later in 2021, Storytel subscribers will be able to enjoy Storytel’s library of audiobooks on Spotify by linking the two accounts. 

“It is Spotify’s goal to be the singular platform for all audio: music, podcasts, live conversations, and now via this partnership, audiobooks,” said Courtney Holt, Global Head of Studios, Spotify. “By utilizing the Spotify Open Access Platform, Storytel will be able to deliver its premium audiobooks offering using Spotify’s best-in-class platform, all while retaining direct control over their relationship to their audience.”

“We want everyone to have access to great stories, and today we offer more than 500,000 audiobooks on a global basis across 25 markets,” said Jonas Tellander, founder and CEO, Storytel. “Partnering with Spotify will make amazing audiobook experiences and exciting authorships easier than ever to access for our customers, while we will also be tapping into the opportunity of reaching new audiences who are on Spotify today, but have not yet experienced the magic of audiobooks.”

This partnership illustrates the power of open access as an opportunity for audio creators and providers everywhere to make a home for their content on Spotify while retaining complete control over their business model and a direct relationship with their subscriber base. As we open up the Open Access Platform, listeners will find a greater variety of content available for them to enjoy, all within one app.

Audiobooks are just one form of audio that will be available using Spotify’s Open Access Platform—the possibilities in audio are limitless. Stay tuned for the details on additional partners and widespread access to the program, launching later this year.