Spotify Invites Fans to the K-pop Playground With a New Enhanced Album From TWICE

It’s no secret that K-pop is taking the world by storm, and when it comes to new music and exclusive content, fans around the globe just can’t get enough. That’s why Spotify is collaborating with nine-member girl group TWICE to launch a new enhanced album to support Taste of Love, their latest release.

TWICE Presents Taste of Love, the Enhanced Album features a colorful playground of captivating video and audio that goes along with the group’s six new songs. On Spotify, listeners can find exclusive content like track-by-track explanations, personal written commentary about each song, and exclusive videos featuring TWICE. Fans can watch as Jihyo makes a plate of s’mores and Momo perfects a refreshing alcohol-free mocktail. They’ll also hear secrets from Dahyun’s trainee-days diary and learn from Mina as she shows them how to take the perfect selfie. 

“We are so excited that TWICE collaborated with us on this enhanced album—not only for ONCE [the name of TWICE’s fandom], but also for new fans of this incredible group,” says Kossy Ng, Head of Music, Asia at Spotify. “Enhanced albums allow fans to connect with artists in a deeper, more engaging way, and they give artists a way to immerse fans in the inspiration, stories, and creativity behind their art.”

Ready to listen to the album’s mix of bossa-nova, hip-hop, disco, and dance melodies while hearing more from the group? Check out TWICE Presents Taste of Love, the Enhanced Album.