Set the Mood on Valentine’s Day With a Playlist Curated by Michael Bublé, a Blend With Your Soulmate, or the Top-Streamed Love Songs

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and chocolates and flowers aren’t the only things that should be top of mind. What music will you have queued up for the drive to dinner? What’s the perfect soundtrack for a little at-home slow dancing? We have some suggestions on how lovebirds can get in on the musical fun together. 

We Blend together

When it comes to music, are you and your significant other “two peas in a pod,” or more “opposites attract”? Spotify’s Blend feature can help you celebrate whatever mix-and-match music style you share.  

Start by heading over to Your Library, tap the “+,” and hit “Blend.” Then you can invite your friend, lover, or crush to join the fun. Once they accept, you’ll unlock a shared playlist and a personalized taste match score to compare your listening preferences. From “Relationship Rising” to “Off the Charts,” you can share your score (and love) loudly and proudly with friends on social media.

If there’s not a special someone in your life right now, you can still get in on the Blend fun by creating a unique playlist with your favorite artist crush, like BTS, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo, The Chainsmokers, Post Malone, and Charli XCX.

Set the mood with Michael Bublé

Michael Buble Love Ballads

Who better to take over a romantic playlist than Michael Bublé? Known for introducing classic love songs likeThe Way You Look Tonight” and “Moondance” to a new generation, the Canadian singer will be picking the songs that appear on our Love Ballads playlist. 

Take a page out of the trends book for your playlist

If you’re looking to curate your own playlist this V-day, perhaps these trends will spark some ideas: 


Now that the love is brewing, find your favorite tracks and cultivate them into the perfect Valentine’s Day playlist. If you’re still searching for inspiration, check out Spotify’s Timeless Love Songs playlist below.