Spotify EQUAL Presents the All Things Go Creator Summit to Inspire Action Through Music

Fans flock to music festivals to see dozens of their favorite artists in one go, embrace their fandom as a pack, and celebrate the power of music. But to this day, there stands a gender equity issue: organizers unveil lineup after lineup with a consistent lack of women headliners and acts. 

So in 2018, All Things Go, the DC-based music festival, partnered with singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers to co-curate a women-led lineup. The festival has only grown since, doubling attendance year after year. This weekend, 32 artists—including Lana Del Rey, Maggie Rogers, boygenius, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mt. Joy, MUNA, Arlo Parks, and more—will perform across multiple stages at the iconic Merriweather Post Pavilion. And as fans count down the hours to the sold-out two-day experience, All Things Go’s organizers are getting ready to kick off their biggest, most impactful weekend yet. 

Spotify is also joining in with the chorus of voices calling for gender equity in music. As the festival’s digital-streaming partner and sponsor of the All Things Go Creator Summit 2023 Presented by Spotify EQUAL, held the Friday before the festival, we’ll host panels and programming featuring some of the most notable voices in music, entertainment, and journalism. 

“Fans have always said that our festival feels like their ultimate playlist, so when we had the opportunity to partner with Spotify EQUAL, it was a no-brainer given the diverse group of artists that the EQUAL ecosystem empowers through equity in the audio sphere and celebrating women’s contributions in music,” says All Things Go cofounder Stephen Vallimarescu.

“We built the Creator Summit as a place for festival fans to connect and get inspired via a sneak peak behind the curtain of music, technology, activism, and entrepreneurship, with engaging panel discussions featuring some of those industries’ brightest stars alongside ATG festival artists. I’m so pleased this is the fifth consecutive year we’ve been able to host it,” adds cofounder Will Suter. “There’s a lot of great speakers and information in store.” 

Harmonizing Equity

NYLON Editor-in-Chief Lauren McCarthy will moderate a dynamic conversation that celebrates the multifaceted roles of women in the music industry. The panel brings together streaming visionaries like Spotify Rock & Alternative Artist Partnerships manager and Global Chair of Education for Women in Music Chissy Nkemere and Spotify Global Music Programs Social & Equity Lead Bel Aztiria. It also includes non-profit and equity work pioneers like Amplify Her Voice founder Kristina London and Cities Without Houses Head of Memberships Autumn Merritt. Together, they’ll explore how women are reshaping the landscape, from the creative process to the business strategies that drive the industry forward.

These panelists are industry professionals who are constantly creating new opportunities and designing diverse spaces for women’s voices and talents to be recognized across the music industry. Join them for a discussion on empowerment in male-dominated business spaces, the importance of the mentor-mentee relationship, the streaming-equity evolution, and the role women play in creating electrifying live-music experiences. 

“At Spotify, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the importance of lifting women’s voices within the music industry,” says Bel Aztira. “Our wish is that panel attendees depart with a deeper appreciation of Spotify’s EQUAL initiative and its mission, as well as knowing that each person can play a role in fostering positive change through active listening. The Creator Summit sets an inspiring tone for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend, and I am humbled to share the stage with so many industry trailblazers.”

Inspiring Action Through Music

The second panel will see U.S. Congressman Maxwell Frost moderate a conversation between Calling All Crows founder Sybil Gallagher, Spotify Social Impact Media Responsibility Lead Casey Acierno, The Ally Coalition Director of Operations and Community Engagement Geoffrey Morrissey, and Meet Me @ The Altar vocalist Edith Victoria. These visionary voices from different corners of music and activism will discuss how music can be a transformative tool for democracy and advocacy. 

“After our panel, I hope attendees walk away recognizing that impact has always been a critical part of music,” says Casey Acierno. “Artists have played a key role in the major social movements of our time—not only as the soundtrack, but as leaders that inspire action.”

Together, they’ll explore the influence of music in catalyzing positive change, driving social impact, helping with collaboration and coalition-building, providing LGBTQIA+ representation, and positioning artists as advocates. 

“I also hope that attendees walk away recognizing that we can demand better from the live-music spaces that we’re in,” Casey adds. “We’re proud to partner with organizations like Calling All Crows and The Ally Coalition, who are leading the charge in making the music industry safer and more inclusive. By learning more about their work, music fans can find out how they themselves can build a stronger community and support the most marginalized among us.”

Can’t attend in person? Stream the All Things Go 2023 Official Playlist.