Since its birth in the Bronx 50 years ago, hip-hop has been infused into local music scenes by artists in cities around the world, including Atlanta, London, Milan, Seoul, Johannesburg, São Paulo, and beyond. These influential localized sounds are amplified to Spotify listeners globally across a host of playlists. Plus Ultra, for example, serves as the largest urban playlist in Italy. Rap 91 is home to India’s best hip-hop. KrOWN offers the freshest K-hip hop. Who We Be celebrates the U.K.’s biggest hip-hop, UK rap, R&B, dancehall, and Afrobeat. Our signature RapCaviar, one of the top three-most-followed playlists in the world, leads the conversation and culture for hip-hop and music fans. Catch the entire Hip-Hop 50 celebration here.