More People Than Ever Are Streaming on Spotify

A lot has happened recently here at Spotify. From going public on the NYSE, to announcing our newest partnership with Hulu, to unveiling our new and improved platform for free users, we’re constantly innovating our services to provide a better listening experience for users, and a more in-touch platform for artists.

Every year we grow as a company, which allows us to make unprecedented changes to our platform, and in turn, engage more users in the magic of music streaming. We’re excited to announce that this year is no different. Spotify now boasts 170 million monthly active users and 75 million premium subscribers.

We’re continuing to provide the best streaming music experience, for our artists, our employees, and our millions of users. Having the support of our global audience helps make it so.

Whether you’ve been streaming on Spotify for years, or downloaded the app just last week, we’re glad you’re with us. Happy listening!