Keep the Beat Going for Baby with Spotify Across Samsung Devices

Baby bouncers, rockers, and swings. They’re not always enough to keep the wee ones happy, so parents often turn to tunes as well. In fact, Spotify listeners have already streamed ~25 million hours of lullabies this year alone. But sweet dreams aren’t just made of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Sometimes the most effective baby-soothing streams are also the most unexpected—just check out our campaign with Samsung to see what we mean. 

Whether you’re streaming “Party Up” or whatever baby’s preferred jam may be, sometimes quick, easy access to your music is key. Need seamless streaming from your phone to your smart TV? No problem. Last August, Samsung announced Spotify as its new go-to music service provider, which gives Samsung users a seamless listening experience across devices. Then in March, we announced an expansion of the partnership, in which Spotify would be pre-installed on Samsung’s flagship mobile devices*, like the S10.   

So, if you’re rethinking your parenting playlist or sticking with the classic lullabies, rest assured your soothing sounds are just a tap away on select* Samsung mobile devices.

*Galaxy Note9, S10, S10+, S10e, S10 5G, select Galaxy A series devices and all other Galaxy smartphones with O OS or above; may vary by region and carrier.