Kicking Off a New Slate of Spotify Greenroom Shows, Host Lauren Simmons Gives Her Two Cents on Her Upcoming Show ‘Money Moves’

Plus, Spotify Greenroom Greenlights a New Feature That Lets Everyone Listen Live, No Login Required

From initiating direct conversations with your favorite artists to dissecting the latest WWE match with the experts, live shows have given listeners a fresh perspective on audio entertainment. And with Spotify Greenroom, it’s easy to experience the best of the live format. Each virtual room offers timely conversations on music, sports, culture, and more.

And starting today, you don’t even need the Spotify Greenroom app or a login to start listening. We’re excited to introduce our latest feature, which gives anyone and everyone the ability to listen to live rooms on their web browsers or on their phones. For example, on Wednesday night, when Money Moves, hosted by Lauren Simmons, premieres (see more below), you’ll be able to listen on desktop or mobile by clicking here, even if you aren’t signed up for Spotify Greenroom. Web listening is available in the more than 135 markets where Spotify Greenroom is available. Of course, if you’re ready to take the experience a step beyond listening, join rooms from the app to participate and interact.

No matter how you tune in, there’s a whole new lineup of shows ready to spice up the season in addition to the shows we’ve already launched on Spotify Greenroom, like The Ringer MMA Show, Deux Me After Dark, The Grapevine Live, and many more. Here are the new November shows you’ll want on your radar.

Taylor Talk – Fridays at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT

Hosted by Ellie Schnitt

Host Ellie Schnitt is taking her Taylor Swift fandom to the next level on her new show, Taylor Talk. Every week, Ellie will discuss the latest Taylor Swift music updates and then focus the conversation on one of the artist’s songs. Based on the song’s theme, listeners will share personal stories and Ellie will ask questions, give commentary, and even share some of her own tales. It’s a show for Taylor Swift fans hosted by the biggest Taylor Swift fan. The debut episode of Taylor Talk took place this past Friday, coinciding with and celebrating the release of RED (Taylor’s Version). You can listen to the premiere episode and what Ellie had to say about the new album on demand on Spotify here!


Money Moves – 10 PM ET/7 PM PT

Hosted by Lauren Simmons

Host Lauren Simmons of the Spotify Original podcast Mind Body Wealth will give advice and answer Gen Z’s biggest questions about jobs, money, and achieving success in life.


Dating Makeover – 10 PM ET/7 PM PT

Hosted by Jared Freid

Every week our host, Jared Freid, will cover all things in the world of dating—dating apps, pickup lines, ghosting—and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. He’ll also help audience members who are struggling with online dating to improve their dating profiles and invite other Spotify Greenroom listeners to weigh in. Who knows, he may even coach a special listener through a date live in the Spotify Greenroom and make a love connection!

Veteran creator and finance expert Lauren spoke with For the Record to give an inside look at Money Moves. Here’s a first look at what Spotify Greenroom listeners can look forward to.

Tell us a little bit about Money Moves. What can fans of Mind Body Wealth look forward to? What might excite new listeners?

Money Moves is all about having open conversations when it comes to business and finance. Some example topics include insights into how to stand out when applying to jobs and investing smartly.

What opportunities does the live format present when talking about topics like money, savings, and financial literacy?

The live format gives people in the room the opportunity to have deeper conversations in real time and get their questions answered in an open platform. The conversations can go further because I’m not the only one bringing my ideas to the table. It gives opportunities to bring different thoughts and ethos to the table. 

How does Spotify Greenroom’s live, interactive format differ from podcasting? How does it enhance your audio brand on Spotify?

Mind Body Wealth is mostly centered around me and my ethos and different guests that come on the show. The Spotify Greenroom audio space is not a one-on-one conversation but an extension of my podcast, which allows a melting pot of individuals coming together. 

What are some of your favorite podcasts and Spotify Greenroom shows right now? 

My favorite podcasts are all holistic. I love the Hay House Radio Podcast and On Purpose with Jay Shetty. It’s nice to step outside of my finance world.

Take it from Lauren and don’t wait another minute to check out Spotify Greenroom. Join from your browser to listen, or log in to weigh in. Make money moves (or talk Taylor) on Spotify Greenroom. And be sure to follow your favorite shows and creators on the app to get notified anytime they go live!