Learn More About the Audio Aura in Your Spotify 2021 Wrapped With Aura Reader Mystic Michaela

The songs we listen to and the playlists we create are reflections of us. They make us dance like nobody’s watching, or sing at the top of our lungs. You may not even realize it, but the music you stream matches your individual “Audio Aura”—something you may have seen in your 2021 Wrapped experience

What is an aura? According to aura reader and host of the Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela podcast, Mystic Michaela, it’s your personal energy signature. Everyone has one, and aura readers see them as a combination of colors, each representative of the traits that make you, you. 

Every year, Spotify gives listeners a personal summary of their listening habits through Wrapped. And this year, for eligible users, Wrapped includes something new: your Audio Aura. 

Like you, audio has energy, so Spotify data curators worked with Mystic Michaela to connect your listening habits in 2021 to the aura spectrum by assigning a color to each of six mood descriptor categories (including “happy,” “calm,” and “hopeful,”) and matching them with tracks on Spotify. 

After we created your personalized 2021 Wrapped experience, we assigned a weight percentage to the two audio “moods” that best represent your listening, and the final product is a swirling gradient of color. Below are the six moods and corresponding hues that could come up in your 2021 Wrapped Audio Aura.

  • Purple: This aura color pairs well with passionate music listeners. Purple auras tune in to get amped up, entertained, and moving while they navigate the twists and turns of their day. 
  • Green: Calm, analytical, and introspective are the traits that describe a green aura. These listeners gravitate toward complex music to tame their fast-moving minds. 
  • Pink: Often described as the hopeless romantics of the aura spectrum, pinks view the world with a sense of optimistic, childlike wonder. 
  • Orange: Oranges are the rebellious and bold type. They share a need for high-energy, confidence-boosting sounds.
  • Yellow: Yellows like their music to align them to the goals of their day, fueling their need for focus, motivation, and self improvement all while reducing any nerves that could get in the way.
  • Blue: Blues are wistful or emotional, and this hue reflects listeners who seek out music to feel their feelings out loud. 

We spoke with Mystic Michaela to learn more about auras, their relationship to music, and how knowing your aura can help you find your authentic self. 

How did you realize you could see and read auras? 

I’ve seen colors around people my entire life. It’s a sense to me, just like smelling. But I didn’t have a formal way of thinking about it until I was a Spanish teacher. I realized that I was differentiating instruction [to my middle school students] based on their aura colors. I saw that children with red auras thrived in competition. I saw that children with yellow auras really needed to focus on grammar. I saw that children with purple auras got the language a lot better when they could create art with it. 

And so through that, I realized, this is much bigger than just colors around people. This is about people understanding themselves and understanding that “I work this way, and you work that way.” Both are OK, but you have to use this information to dive into who you are, not who you think you should be.

How do the Audio Auras provide additional insights to a person’s Wrapped?

When listeners go into their Audio Auras, I really feel like they are going to be able to see more of themselves and have an inward conversation. You know, “Who am I and why do I listen to what I’m listening to? What am I seeking? What is my inner self actually saying?” And I think that’s going to be a really creative and spiritual conversation people can have with themselves, however they want to define that.

One of your primary goals is to help people live their lives authentically. How might a person’s Audio Aura help them do that?

Let’s say I get yellow as one of my colors, because the Audio Aura yellow is very much about self-improvement and motivation and calming one’s nerves. Then I would ask myself, “Is this me, or is this something that I strive toward? What am I calming my nerves about? What parts of my life are requiring that type of energy to come in and help me?”

I think it’s helpful to ask yourself some of those questions, because your Audio Aura reveals the energy you feel comfortable in and also the vibes you want to borrow. 

Throughout our lives, we’re constantly pretending to be somebody [else]. You might wear a different energy color to fit in. But when you put in your earbuds, when you put your playlist together—that’s you. And when you press next, or if you say, “I like that, I’m going to listen to it 10 times,” that’s you. And that’s why I feel so connected to Audio Auras, because whatever that reflects, it’s an extension of yourself. 

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