Beauty and Fashion Creator Meredith Duxbury Dishes On the Music That’s Been Dominating Her Playlists

Photo credit: Jared Kocka

We love helping listeners discover new music on Spotify, and when it comes to features that help them find their next favorite songs or artists, personalization tops the list. With Spotify playlists like Discover Weekly and daylist; playlist-enhancing features like Smart Shuffle and Jam; and curated, AI-powered experiences like DJ; nearly 2 billion music discoveries happen on Spotify daily.

But it’s not just fans who love discovery. Creators around the world are constantly sharing their favorite playlists, products, and people with their followers, which in turn helps fans fall in love with the next best thing. And in For the Record’s ongoing Discovery Monday series, we connect with creators to pick their brains about recent finds, from new music to podcasts and beyond.

This month, we talk to beauty guru and model Meredith Duxbury. She’s known for her candid videos where she shares her makeup routine, fashion tips, and life updates. And while Meredith’s Instagram is full of haute couture and glam, fans also love her unique lip syncs to rap hits while applying makeup—a talent that combines her passion for music and beauty.

What have you been up to lately? 

I’ve really been enjoying diving back into my creative side. I’ve been loving the new soft ’90s grunge makeup aesthetic that‘s trending. It feels very editorial and runway to me. It’s so fun experimenting with makeup styles that are inspired by ’90s and early 2000s runway shows. Pat McGrath’s archival runway looks are my favorite. 

Your beauty videos have earned you millions of fans on social media. What beauty routine is your favorite to film?

Definitely a full glam look. The colorful glam looks are the best for social media because you can be the most creative with them and they get the most attention. 

There are lots of opinions shared in the beauty space—especially online. How do you maintain your confidence and positivity?

I remind myself why I started and what impact I have on the people who are following me. For me, I want my page to be a getaway for people, something that they look forward to and something that inspires them. When you frame your mindset this way, none of the negativity matters. 

You’ve done videos where you apply makeup while lip-syncing. Which was most fun to film?

They’re all super fun for me, but the rapping/hip-hop ones are my favorite because they have so much energy to them. I can also do more dramatic facial expressions with this genre of music, which people love.

What are some of your favorite tracks to get ready to? 

I absolutely love a good 2000s throwback playlist. It makes me feel so ready to take on the day or night. 

Do you ever discover something new through your fans?

Yes, 100%. I’m learning daily from my followers and it’s amazing how tight our community is. We are all here for each other and it feels like a big family. Anywhere from new makeup tips to ways to relieve anxiety, I’m always learning new things from them. 

Any recent genres you’re loving? 

I’ve recently discovered lo-fi jazz. Spotify has such great jazz playlists, the options are endless. I discovered these playlists through the jazz genre and definitely recommend checking it out. 

What’s your favorite way to discover on Spotify?

 I love Smart Shuffle. It’s such a fun way to surprise yourself with new songs or artists you’ve never heard of. 

Our Niche Mixes playlists can really help you discover your new favorite artist or song. Any new mixes you’re into? 

I love the Feel Good Morning Mix. A lot of the songs I have on there are already on some of my other playlists, so it’s nice to have a mix of some songs I’m already familiar with and some that are newly discovered. 


Like Meredith, you can discover new music with your own Niche Mixes on Spotify. From 80s Running Mix to the Driving Sing Along Mix, there’s a lot to explore.