It’s About to be a Jolly Holiday with Mary

The Music of Mary Poppins Returns is Already Soaring

Mary Poppins: magical, mysterious, definitely musical. After decades of waiting, Mary Poppins Returns, starring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt, will be released on December 19. Mary Poppins Returns continues the story of the Banks children and their magical nanny as they encounter a difficult time in their lives—with all new, original songs.

The film brings a modern twist to a classic tale, and the soundtrack does the same, staying true to the timeless roots of the original music with moments of more current artistic flair. The movie hasn’t even hit theaters, yet people are already streaming up a storm. In order of streaming popularity, here’s what Poppins fans are listening to the most:

“Can You Imagine That?” – Emily Blunt

This whimsical number, sung by Blunt, includes sing-song speech and what seems to be the chirps of dolphins (and a reminder to “be sure to scrub behind your ears”)

“The Place Where Lost Things Go” – Emily Blunt

In this slow, comforting number, familiar to lovers of the original’s “Stay Awake,” Blunt’s soothing voice comforts the Banks children and lets us all know that “nothing’s gone forever, it’s only out of place.”

“(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

In the very first song on the album, Miranda transports us back to 1964 by singing along to this traditional-sounding tune in a familiar voice, one reminiscent of Dick van Dyke’s accented sound in the original soundtrack.

“A Cover Is Not the Book” – Emily Blunt

Poppins teaches a valuable lesson on this track—a cover is not the book, so open it up and take a look. Blunt and Miranda tell tales of wealthy widows and crooked kings on this playful vocal ride that is both unshakably catchy and nursery rhyme-esque. The soundtrack also markedly moves into the 21st century around the song’s halfway point, as Miranda begins to rap in a way that’s modern yet in tune with the rest of the album and original film’s score.

“The Royal Doulton Music Hall” – Emily Blunt

With the same feeling of wondrous, nonsensical joy as “Super-cali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious,” this melody follows the Banks children and their nanny through a “mythical, mystical, never quite logistical” tent, complete with a “cuddly, curious, furry, and furious animal watering hole.”

Check out all of the music behind Mary Poppins Returns, and see if your favorites are among the most-streamed hits—it’s an album that’s sure to delight your children (and your own inner child, too).